SEO Trends You Must Follow in 2018

Are you still using the old and outdated SEO trends to improve rankings for your site in Google? When the year ends, so does the SEO techniques starts getting enhances and becomes essential to strengthen the ranking. There are many techniques, such as your keyword usage, inbound links, domain strength; content quality and user-data analysis are permanent to optimize the strategies for the website.

Apart from this SEO Services in UAE, there are certain things that have been added to the list for high-ranking search result page in the Google. Search Engine Optimization in Dubai is the procedure to optimize your website by the organic search.


Here’s a list of SEO trends that are trending in 2018, such as:


1. Responsive website

Nearly 60% of the total searches are done through mobile websites. Google ranks the search query to the mobile version of your website and this result in having the responsive website with an enhanced user experience. The user can view the website on any device they feel comfortable for website or business.


2. Customized SERP

When the user searches with appropriate keywords your website will appear on top search result. Around 50% of Google searches are customized and personalized and the resulting number will be fluctuating, increasing or decreasing.


3. Top-Quality Content

The biggest factor for SEO is good quality content and according to the social media researchers, nearly 38% of the marketers say that visual marketing is the topmost important and content for the business. Make sure your content is creative and appealing to the users because it’s the only factor that can drag the attention of the users.


4. Voice Search Optimization

According to the current studies based on the social media, around 55% of teenagers and 40% of adults make use of voice search and Google also started with voice command.

Voice search increases the growth speed of these three reasons, such as:

  • It’s speedy
  • User don’t need to keep typing
  • The reply is read back


5. High-Speed Website

Loading the speed is one of the biggest factors for website ranking and visitors aren’t patient. Your visitors don’t want to invest time in the loading content, they naturally just to the next search result.


6. Quality Backlinks

The higher the quality of backlinks and it’s better for your website. A top-notch backlink impacts directly on the website ranking and it’s a long-term strategy. The Search engine results are always considered as the quality inbound links to your website and focusing just on the quantity isn’t recommended. Make sure you concentrate on having a huge number of quality backlinks.


7. Include Videos

A survey says that by 2021, around 80% of the online traffic is gained by the video marketing tactics. Videos make a huge impact, accurate in delivering your message to engage the website visitors and increase the traffic to your website. Additionally, it helps to increase the company’s reach in order to strengthen the inbound visitors and it helps your website in increasing the overall performance.

Always keep open for the new SEO Services in UAE to increase the marketing strategy and search engine optimization in Dubai to increase the page ranking for better results.



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