Don’t Get Fooled! Do These 5 Background Checks before Hiring the SEO Company

When you’re setting up a business, possibilities are high that your mind is filled with unwanted suggestions and valid questions. Have a word with an expert before you take a right step with confidence and hiring SEO Company is vital for your website. However, make sure you ask certain questions to acquire more information on SEO services in Dubai.

Finding the best SEO Company in Dubai is critical and time-consuming. There are many SEO companies that are dedicated to the inbound marketing, which has an adverse effect on the website resources. Here are some effective questions to ask the potential SEO agencies and to find the top-notch quality SEO services.

Service Questions to be Asked

When the agency explains that these are services provided for certain months and a free trial is offered for a month as initial start-up phase. Ask the questions to find the strategies that can be used for your business and adapt the things to evoke.

  • What are the services offered within the prescribed month?
  • What’s time duration per month for each service?
  • What are the technical aspects used for auditing and fixing for your website?
  • How many pages will be optimized, monthly basis?
  • How many landing pages created per month?
  • How many backlinks can be expected in a month?
  • The time required for the campaign reporting and analysis

SEO Company using Facebook Likes

Never settle for the fancy terms used by the company, especially companies using Facebook “Likes” as a marketing feature. There are two reasons why you shouldn’t stick to the Facebook Likes, such as a majority of companies don’t buy Facebook Likes and secondly, these companies aren’t active on Facebook.

They might boost the promotion methods using huge followers, but the fact is they have posted 2 or 3 stories so far. However, the fans might be active; certainly, they aren’t engaged and don’t receive any value.

Your concern lies whether to opt for social media marketing tactics or not because everything has both advantage and disadvantage. Activity on social media provides an option to decrease the corporate cloak and conversations with the rest of the world at large.

SEO Agency Doesn’t Have Any Portfolio 

There are agencies that act like a pro but have nothing to prove and end up giving meaningless offers, like money back guarantee and No.1 page ranking. A professional SEO service in Dubai never provides such offers because they use the genuine tools to bring your website on top of Google page, but never promises to keep it number 1.

Make sure you ask portfolio of their works done earlier if failed then don’t wrap your head to go in depth. A remarkable and trustworthy SEO Company understands the importance of Internet marketing and helps your business to reach heights.

Company with No Proper Direction

The best way to find whether the company is trustworthy or fake is to interrogate in all possible ways. If the company fails to answer or trying to fixing the context with patchwork then it’s fake. Such companies charge huge money as monthly fees but there isn’t any progress. Since the SEO Company in Dubai is all about the Internet marketing, you can access the information about the agency and their employees online.

The One with No Blogs

First and the foremost level depends on the relevant results to the user and Google’s success is purely based on this. Having a word on the keywords is topmost priority for any website and without it; your website is just zero. That’s the reason why Content is King and the online community is interested when it finds the real purpose of the search results.


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