Impacts of Web Design on Customer Experience

Web design is undoubtedly a major-league when it comes to digital marketing strategy. If you want to build a long-term online presence, you cannot overlook web design. The overall look of the website, its usability, aesthetics and various other factors play an important role in building your online brand. Here, we are sharing some of the major components of web design that will incredibly influence the customer experience.

1. Appearance 

Appearance is the first and foremost quality in web design that impacts user experience. The way your website looks, leaves the first impression on the visitors. In order to leave a long lasting impression on the users, it is vital that the web design should be up-to-date and as per the current trends.

Some of the latest trends include:

  • Responsive Web Design which gives indistinguishable viewing experience to the users irrespective of the device they use.
  • Big fonts are trending from past couple of years.
  • Infatuation with the parallax scrolling is still continued. It makes the background image of the web page moving at a faster rate than the foreground, giving your web page a 3D effect.
  • The big Hero Image is a banner or a large visual display at the top or center of the web page that gives an overview of the written content.

2. Coherence

Whether it is a website or social media, theme and coherence always gives you an edge over your competitors. When it comes to online branding, people always prefer consistency. It gives more polished and organized look to your web page and also helps in establishing a strong branding.

Some of the ways to make your web design more coherent are:

  • Use the same font throughout your website.
  • Use the same format and style on all your web pages.
  • Always include your brand colors in the images.


3. Professionalism

Professionalism of a web design aids in converting your visitors into clients. Web design is a perfect way to portray your work ethics.

Some of the elements that can be included in a web design to reflect upon your professionalism are:

  • Company Culture Page: This page is designed to showcase your work culture and your organization’s approach towards customer satisfaction.
  • Client Testimonials: These are the assets for any organization. Displaying the client satisfaction on your web page builds trust and credibility.


4. Navigation & Usability

Though it seems minute, navigation plays an important role in retaining the visitors on your website. Even if your website is packed with loads of valuable content, it’s not going to work if the users are not able to find the information they are looking for. Navigation has to be intuitive and user-friendly. The cluttered and chaotic website often leads to increased bounce rate and gives a chance to your user to go to your competitor’s website.

Some of the well known navigation styles include:

  • Breadcrumb makes it easier to navigate through the website. Every time a user clicks onto a new web page, the previous page is automatically added to the navigation bar, making it convenient to go back the previous page.
  • Drop-down menu allows the users to hover over the menu and see all the categories it comprises of.


5. Loading Time

Page load time obviously affects the bottom line. We at times, ignore it to add more functionality and better aesthetics to our web page that increases the load time. But, this can lead to huge repercussions. Customers have a very short attention span. If the site takes too longer to load, all they will do is hit the back button and refer to your competitor’s website.

Some of the ways to reduce load time are:

  • Compress your images before uploading.
  • Avoid using auto-play audio/video.



Web designing is something that cannot be learned overnight. Perfection and professionalism in web designing requires a lot of technical knowledge and comes with experience only. If you want to build a quality website, rather than investing your time and resources in self-teaching, it is best to look for agencies that offer web design services.

Outsourcing the web design services in Dubai has become a standard practice among both small and large scale businesses trying to build their online presence. Professional web designers can make the website more appealing and that too at an affordable cost.


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