Want to Speed up Your Programming Efficiency, just go with Top PHP Frameworks

PHP is one of the widely used as well as an open source type of scripting language designed primarily to accomplish web development tasks and to create dynamic web pages. PHP applications usually found or host on Linux Servers and hence, their functionalities are almost similar to Windows platforms.

PHP frameworks constitute the best ways to boost the programming efficiency. Today, you will find a large number of PHP frameworks available, which you may opt to use based on your individual project requirements. In this blog post, you will get a description on the top 5 PHP frameworks available-

Zend Framework

Zend framework is an object-oriented and an open source type of web application framework, which you may opt to implement by using PHP 5. This framework provides individual components to meet various other common requirements related to web application development. It also helps in promoting the best possible practices associated with web development in PHP.

Smarty Framework

Smarty Framework acts as a Template Engine and it focus on easy and quick deployment as well as development of various web applications. It comes with the option of pure PHP template and powerful full feature associated with Template Inheritance. It even works perfectly with many template syntax enhancements and streams support available in PHP, such as per template or per variable.


CakePHP is an open source and rapid development type of web application framework available for PHP to produce a highly extensible architecture to develop, maintain and deploy a large number of applications. It utilizes a few common design patterns, such as ORM and MVC. Moreover, it reduces coding efforts and costs associated with the development task. CakePHP is one of the simplest and easiest frameworks and it is a secured and authenticated framework available in the industry.


Symfony is a full-stack type of framework and it provides components, architecture, and tools for web developers to create complicated web applications at the fastest possible speed. It comes with a large number of supplementary tools, which help you to identify bugs, debug them and finally document in your projects. Symfony is compliant with many web design patterns and web best practices. Along with this, it incorporates most of the common web application and development features.


Prado is an event-driven and a component-based framework to allow web programming on a rapid basis. Prado components constitute a combination of a PHP class, a specification file available in XML and an HTML template. If this is not enough, the framework has a few outstanding features, which include team integration, robustness and easily usable web programming and development.


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