Latest Features to Enjoy in Windows 10 for Successful Windows App Development

Windows 10 has always brought many drastic revolutions in the technology, software and application development sectors. Irrespective of your working platform, latest Windows 10 update has come up with many innovative features to make applications intuitive, natural and personal. Only you have to upgrade your device to the latest SDK and Visual Studio to get benefits of amazing new abilities possessed by Windows 10.

Fluent Design System

Windows App Development of Windows 10 has come up with an innovative fluent design system that aims at improving the overall appearance of users’ applications. In this way, users may use innovative APIs and boost XAML controls to incorporate movements, perspective, and depth in their applications.

Windows Mixed Reality

Windows mixed reality feature of Windows 10 unlock many new experiences, which merge both the virtual and physical worlds. In this way, individuals may design many immersive apps for the users with headsets or Microsoft HoloLens from a large number of leading device maker worldwide.

Dot Net Standard 2.0

Users may share a large number of code between Asp.netiOS, Android and Universal Windows Platform, along with WPF and Windows Forms applications by the help latest Windows App Development solutions in the form of class libraries available under Dot Net Standard 2.0.

Project Rome

Project Rome helps users to create various task-centered experiences, which span across a large number of platforms and devices. With the help of iOS and Android SDKs and Microsoft Graph power, one can design apps to work in a seamless way on almost every possible user devices.

Windows Ink

Windows Ink developed under Windows App Development has provided a large number of users with natural means to design drawings, handwritten notes in digital forms annotations with the help of this powerful platform. Whether by using a mouse, a pen or simply via a touch, users may capture as well as manage ink stores in almost UWP app.


Windows 10 users will now get the opportunity to interact with extensible digital assistant available with the help of natural language and fully structured data with the help of new Cortona feature. Cortona allows users to use their own sites, bots and applications.

Conditional XAML

Windows 10 users may now get the opportunity to use conditional XAML to create a wide range of adaptive apps. This XAML helps individuals to use the method of Api Information present in the new markup language. In this way, users may set the required properties and instantiate objects in XAML via an API and without any requirement of a code.

Keyboard Accelerators

Windows 10 users will get the opportunity to boost both the usability and accessibility of their applications by the help of shortcuts or keyboard accelerators. Keyboard accelerators give intuitive means for individuals to invoke a few common commands or actions without any requirement of navigating towards the user interface of any app and are configurable to fit perfectly with the required scopes of their various functions.


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